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Name:Special Agent Rebecca Locke | The Inside
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America

"She has a gift. Forged in Pain. She wants me to use her."
When Becky George was ten years old, her parents took her and her older brother to the carnival in Bangor, Maine. The man running the pony rides kept letting her cut to the front of the line until he finally asked for her address so he could bring one of the ponies to her house. Becky and her family lived in Augusta so she didn't think he'd come, but she gave him her address anyway, and forgot about it — until Pony Man came through her bedroom window and took her. He held her for eighteen months, moving from motel to motel, until she showed up on her parents' doorstep one April day, suffering from smoke inhalation and so traumatized she didn't speak for a month. Her parents sold the rights to Lifetime, and Becky? Becky grew up, changed her name, and went to work for the FBI.

"Trauma breeds insight," is Web's philosophy and no one in the VCU embodies that better than Rebecca. Her past as a victim allows her to be exceptionally good at profiling, but it comes at a price and it's something she guards closely. Trusting people is difficult and she's socially awkward; even casual dinner with her co-workers makes her nervous. And then there's the problem where she's always getting taken by their unsubs...

Disclaimer: Rebecca Locke and The Inside are not mine, they belong to the idiots at Fox who canceled the show. Rachel Nichols belongs to herself. For roleplay and entertainment only, journal will contain adult themes, mun and muse over 21.

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